Sorry, we do not have any available puppies and have no plans yet for a 2015 litter.


Thank you for visiting our Stoneyfield Silver Labradors website. We are a small breeder of silver Labradors nestled in the rolling hills of Western PA. We are located about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh.

We are dedicated to our dogs and they are a part of our family. We only breed our female once a year so puppy availability is very limited. We do not believe in puppy mills and our dogs health always come first. We hand raise our puppies and socialize them every day to prepare them to be good family members.

Puppy Dreams!

Before you decide a Labrador is the dog for you, please take the time to read “So You Are Considering Adding a Labrador To Your Family”. We want to be sure you are aware of the time and dedication it takes to own one of these beautiful and loving, but energetic dogs. Labs make a wonderful pet and companion. The love and devotion they give back to you is well worth the time and effort it takes to make them part of your family.

If you are concerned about the controversy over the Silver Labradors please read the “AKC Stance” on this color. Aside from their color, there is no difference in temperament, hunting abilities, health or other attributes between Silver Labs and any other color Lab.

Feel free to browse our website and we hope you enjoy your visit.